FOR EXHIBITORS Costs and terms of participation

Exhibitors are offered the following options for participation in the trade fair:

  • Space only rental inside the hall: the Exhibitor is provided with a bare floor space in the exhibition hall without communications and furniture. Exhibitors renting space-only inside the hall have to arrange the booth design and build-up at their own expenses or through their stand build-up Contractor.
  • Turn-key equipped stands rental (standard booth or improved standard booth);

Basic cost consists of registration fee and space rental (space only, turn-key and/or open-air space).

where appropriate and indicate needed quantity Please tick Price Before 15.1.2017 Price After 15.1.2017 Quantity
SPACE ONLY ( Indoor ) (per 1 sq.m, min. stand size is 9 sq.m) $ 190* $ 220* sq.m
TURN KEY EQUIPPED STAND+SPACE RENTAL (per 1 sq.m row stand, min. stand size is 9 sq.m) $ 250* $ 300* sq.m
OPEN AIR SPACE (per 1 sq.m, min. stand size is 40sq.m) $ 130* $ 150* sq.m
EXHIBITION REGISTRATION FEE (Mandatory for every Exhibitor and Sponsor) $ 200* $ 250* sq.m

Additional discounts 20$per 1 sq. m of indoor space. 10$ per per 1 sq. m of outdoor space 10$ per per registration fee Above additional discounts are applicable for all exhibitors in case of payment 100% of invoice before the 15th of January 2017.


  • Computerized registration system.
  • Company listing and description in the official show catalogue.
  • Full company details page on the RE-Plast Expo
  • Catalogue(up to 400 characters).
  • Hyper Internet link to your site until the next show.
  • 1 copy of the catalogue.
  • Exhibitor badges for stand attendants.
  • The Internet listing of exhibitor.
  • Exhibition complimentary invitation cards.
  • Exhibitor’s advertising Campaign
  • One Ticket For Welcome Opening Cocktail party (1 ticket if a company takes less than 50 sq. m. of space inside hall, 2 tickets if a company takes the space from 50 to 100 sq. m. and 3 tickets for space more than 100 sq. m. For open-air space booths - 1 ticket for each 80 sq.m).

Please Tick Extra charges for special location of a stand

Type of a stand Minimum space size of a stand, sq. m. Surcharge, %
Corner (2 sides open) 18 10
Peninsula (3 sides open) 36 15
Island (4 sides open) 50 20
A two-storey pavilion(only the space for the 2nd storey is charged extra) 50 30

  • Inline Booth (Opening from 1 side) No surcharge on space cost.
  • Service Tax (@13% on total)

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